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Cool Captain America Birthday Cake

Captain America Birthday Cake

This marvelous Captain America 6th Birthday Cake was made by Scrumptons.  The cake is round.  It has has a blue band with white stars on the bottom.  The name and age of the child is written in red.  The top of the cake looks like Captain America’s shield.  The cake board looks similar to an American Flag.  It is made of red and white stripes.  The top half has white stars on a blue background.

The cake is topped with an absolutely amazing Captain America Cake Topper.  Captain America has his shield strapped on his back.  He has on the movie version of his costume.  There is a white star on his chest and the a white A on his helmet. The costume is so detailed that you can see the individual pieces of armor that make up the chest piece of his costume.

Hanging behind Captain America are two American Flags.


Captain America Birthday Cake

Here is a side view of this cake.  You get a much better view of the detail on Captain America’s helmet. You can see the piece that protects his ears, the chin strap, and how the helmet fastens on.

I know a couple of Captain America fans who would go crazy over this cake!

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