This Disney School Cake Is Amazing!

Disney School Cake

This amazing Disney School Cake was made by Art Cake.  This is one of the most elaborate sheet cakes I’ve ever seen.  The cake features a class room in autumn.  There are leaves that have fallen to the ground on edges of the cake.  The front of the cake of the cake is a large tree with its leaves changing colors.  The tree has a black board and clock attached to it.

At the front is Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) teaching the class.  Minnie Mouse has books in her hand and looks like she is bringing them to Alice. Dopey is standing on a chair and writing on the black board.  Sneezy is standing on the ground looking up at the black board.  In the corner is a teacher’s desk and chair.  There are books, paper, and vase with flowers on the desk. 

There class consists of nine large desks, three rows of three.  The first row has two dwarfs at the first desk.  Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are at the second desk.  Piglet is so short, he is sitting on a book.  Jaq and Gus (from Cinderella) are sitting at the third desk.  Jaq is standing on a book so he can see over the desk.

The second row has Tigger at the first desk.  Tigger’s must not like school best because Tigger is laying on the bench.  Rabbit and Roo are at the second desk.  Two dwarfs are at the last desk.

The last row has Donald Duck and Baloo at the first desk.  Grumpy is at the 2nd desk with a globe beside him.  Grumpy is facing backwards so that he has his back towards Alice and the blackboard.  Eeyore is at the last desk.  Eeyore can’t sit at a desk, so he is draped over the bench and desk.

There are stone steps in the back of the classroom.  Mickey Mouse is coming up these stairs.

This cake is so elaborate and creative, I wouldn’t mind going to this school for a day or two.

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