Elegant Snow White 3rd Birthday Cookies

Snow White Cookies 

These Elegant Snow White Cookies were made by You Can Call Me Sweetie.

These Disney cookies feature a hand painted cookie of Snow White and have a red and blue cookie with the number 3 to represent the birthday age.

There is a Snow White cookie with an ornate gold curtain border that has Snow White’s dress.

There is a golden hand-held magic mirror cookie that makes me think of the Magic Mirror in Snow White. The mirror cookie has the Birthday girl’s initial.

There is a bliack cookie with the red poison apple in the middle.

Snow White Cookie

This Snow White cookie has a beautiful hand painting of Snow White with a gold ornate frame. The dwarfs cottage and the forest are in the background behind her.

Snow White Cookie

This Snow White cookie is a super fancy gold embossed Snow White storybook. It has letters similar to the book in the opening of Disney’s Snow White.

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