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Marvelous Multi-tiered Disney Brave Birthday Cake

Disney Brave Cake

This Marvelous Disney Brave birthday cake was made by Sweet Creations Cakes

This multi-tiered cake has flowers around the bottom of the cake. The bottom layer of the cake is blue to represent the sky.  There are interconnected trees all around this cake layer to represent a dense forest.

The middle layer of the cake is decorated to look like a tree log. There is a window in the middle of the log with the birthday name. Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, in their bear cub form, are peeking out around this middle layer.

The small layer at the top of the cake is white and covered in green moss and gray stones.  Merida is standing on the top of the cake.

Disney Brave Cake

Merida is standing on top of this Disney Brave cake. She is holding her bow in her hand.

Disney Brave Cake

This Disney Brave cake is the centerpiece for a Brave themed birthday celebration.

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