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Cute Gelatoni Snowman Bento Box

Gelatoni Snowman Bento Box

This Cute Gelatoni Snowman Bento Box was made after the character by the same name at Tokyo DisneySea.

Gelatoni was made by OMGiri.

Gelatoni is an adorable gray Italian cat with a blue beret and bright blue eyes. While visiting Italy, Duffy bought a gelato and accidentally dropped it on the ground. Gelatoni dipped his tail in the melted gelato and started painting with it. Duffy joined him in painting and they became good friends.

He was made using white rice. Red radishes make up the buttons and the hat. Nigiri seaweed was used to make his eyes, nose, and mouth. Carrots were used to make the arms. The background is broccoli and green beans.

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