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Terrific Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas Cake

Snoopy Christmas Cake

This Terrific Snoopy and Woodstock Dancing In The Snow Christmas Cake was made by Make Pretty Cakes. This cake was based on the television special, It’s Christmastime Again Charlie Brown. 

Snoopy, Woodstock, and their yellow bird friends are dressed in black top hats and holding red and white candy canes while they are dancing in the snow.

There is a green holly leaf and a red holly berry on the side of each hat.

The cakes were chocolate mud covered in ganache and a fondant and modeling chocolate mixture. The birds were done in modeling chocolate.  The top hats were made using modeling chocolate.

Snoopy Christmas Cake

snoopy has some snow on his hat.

Snoopy Christmas Cake

The birds dancing together.

Snoopy Christmas Cake

Snoopy Christmas Cake

Take a look at the baker’s site above to see step by step directions on how to make these top hats.


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