Marvelous Gruffalo Cake

Gruffalo Cake

This Marvelous Gruffalo Cake was made by Lovin from the Oven.

The Gruffalo is sitting on a log. A little brown mouse and a green snake is beside him.

The Gruffalo is the first of a series of popular children’s books done by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The Gruffalo’s Child and The Gruffalo, too are part of this series. Later a movie was made using the same character.

This book shows how a clever mouse tells the tale of a monster called a Gruffalo in order to scare away larger animals and not get eaten by them. 

The story starts with a mouse walking in the woods and as he walks he meets larger animals- a fox, an owl, and a snake – along the way who want to eat him. He tells them that he is traveling to meet a really big and scary monster called a Gruffalo, thus scaring them into letting him go.  The Gruffalo has orange eyes, a black tongue and purple prickles on his back.   At the end, the mouse actually meets the Gruffalo he has imagined.

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