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Splendid Captain America and Hulk Bento Boxes

Captain America Bento Box

Take America’s First Avenger to lunch with this cute Captain America Bento Box. It was made by OMGiri.

Cap is wearing his blue costume with a white star and a red and white belt. It looks like the star was made using egg white and the belt was made from egg white and red bell pepper. The wings of his helmet, the ‘A’ on his cap and his eyes also look like egg white.

His red gloves and blue costume are died rice. Broccoli is the background behind him. Tomatoes and snow peas are above his head. 

Hulk Bento Box

I wonder if Hulk will want to smash this Hulk Bento Box.

Nick Fury Bento Box

Nick Fury is wearing his eye patch in this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bento Box.

Avengers Bento Boxes

Iron Man and Thor decided to join the Bento Box party.

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