Awesome Indiana Jones Birthday Cookies

Indiana Jones Birthday Cookies

These awesome Indiana Jones cookies were made by Kids To College Cookie Creations.  This awesome set of cookies includes Indiana Jones with his hat, whip, and leather jacket standing on a hill with the sun setting behind him, cute Indiana James cookies, Indy’s hat, Indy’s whip, skulls, and golden idols.


Indiana Jones Cookies

Here is a close-up of three of these cookies.  My favorite cookie in the set is the absolutely stunning one featuring Indy with the sun setting behind him.  Since Indy and the hill that he is standing on were added to the cookie after it was painted, the sun really is behind Indy.  Using layers this way creates an amazing visual effect.  Also, by making Indy a silhouette, your eyes are drawn to the setting sun. This is one of the finest Indiana Jones Cookies I’ve ever seen.