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Aristocats Movie Scenes Cake

Aristocats movie scenes cake

This beautiful Aristocats Movie Scenes Cake was made by Vale Cisneros.  This cake is absolutely lovely. I love the way each tier is a different movie scene.  


This 3-D fondant figure of Marie looks adorable on top of the cake.

In addition terrific fondant figures of Abigail and Amelia Gabble are with Berlioz  I always have to Google the names of the two brothers, I can never remember which is which.

Also a fondant figure of Toulouse is standing under a street lamp.  There are fondant flowers running down this part of the cake.

Aristocats movie scenes cake

Finally fondant figures of Thomas O’Malley and Duchess are in a fondant boat together.  I really like how they have their heads tilted and are looking at each other romantically.  It is a really neat effect that they are sailing through the bottom of this cake and that the cake board looks like water.

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