Charlie Brown Christmas

These Charlie Brown Christmas Cookies Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Charlie Brown Christmas Cookies

I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.  So I had to share these wonderful cookies made by Pour Some Sugar Cutters.


Charlie Brown & Snoopy Cookie

Charlie Brown and Snoopy sharing a scarf


Snoopy Christmas Cookie

Snoopy dressed as Santa Claus and carrying a string of Christmas lights


Snoopy & Woodstock Cookie

Snoopy holding Woodstock


Woodstock Christmas Cookie

Santa’s littlest helper


Charlie Brown & Linus Cookie

Charlie Brown and Linus having a conversation at their favorite spot


Lucy Cookie

Everyone’s favorite fussbudget


Charlie Brown & His Christmas Tree Cookie

Charlie Brown discovering the tree


Cookie Of Charlie Brown Holding His Christmas Tree

Taking the tree home


Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Cookie

The tree decorated


Woodstock Christmas Wreath Cookie

Merry Christmas from Woodstock

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