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This Valentine’s Day Cake Will Light Up Your Life

Lamps Valentines Day Cake

This Wonderful You Light Up My Life Valentine’s Day cake was was made by Sugar Street Studios formally known as Darcey Oliver Cake Couture.

This Valentine’s Day cake is sooo adorable. It’s a cute picture of a couple of lamps who are in love. I love the phrase above that say’s, ‘You Light up my Life.’

When I see an animated lamp, I always think of Pixar’s mascot, Luxo Jr. 

Pixar did such a great job making Luxo and Luxo Jr. come alive.  They make you think of two people instead of two lamps. 

Fun facts:

The Luxo Jr. short was an Academy Award for best Animated Short Film and it was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award. It is also being preserved in the National Film Registry. 

Lamps Valentine s Day Cake 2

This is a cute picture of a lamp couple in love.  The boy lamp is looking at the girl lamp and tenderly holding a piece of her fringe as the two lamp heads are tilted toward each other.  A red heart button on the boy lamp expresses his love.

The cord between them is twisted into the shape of a heart too.  A red heart is over to heads of both of the lamps.

It’s a wonderful picture of a couple in love. 

You can just imagine the boy holding the girl’s hand and whispering to her that he loves her.  And you can tell from the hearts that the girl loves the boy too.


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