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Marvelous Hotel Transylvania Cake

Hotel Transylvania Cake

This Marvelous Hotel Transylvania cake is a multi-tier cake that has Mavis Bat on top of the cake beside a red flower. 

The top tier of the cake is covered in red curtains with yellow trim.

Mavis is standing in front of the curtains. She is wearing her black wedding dress and holding flowers that match the flower on top. She is standing on a single layer tier made to look like a stone platform.

The bottom tier of the cake is purple. It has a wrought iron gate that Dracula is standing beside.

There is a number 5 on the gate to stand for the birthday age.  The child’s name is written in gold letters on the black cake board.

This wonderful cake was made by Cloud 9 Cakes.

Hotel Transylvania Cake

Close-up of Mavis. 

Hotel Transylvania Cake

Close-up of Drac