Monsters –   Terrific cake and cookies and pumpkins featuring the classic Universal monsters.

Among these are Count Dracula, Godzilla, Frankenstein’s monster, and  the Bride of Frankenstein.

One of my favorites is a Godzilla cake made by Mike McCarey.

Monster Cereal Cookies With Count Chocula and Friends

Monster Cereal Cookies

Monster Cereal Cookies

These wonderful Monster Cereal Cookies were made by Star Sprinkle Sweets. They feature cookies of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry.


Franken Berry Cookie

Franken Berry Cookie

Franken Berry is a red and pink version of Frankenstein’s Monster. He has chain suspenders that hook onto his neck. Instead of ears, he has two pressure values. On his head, he has a pressure gauge and a whistle. He is holding a bowl of his cereal and a spoon.

Count Chocula Cookie

Count Chocula Cookie

Count Chocula looks like Count Dracula. Where Dracula’s primary color is black, Count Chocula primary color is chocolate brown. He has bowl of his cereal and a spoon.


Boo Berry Cookie

Boo Berry Cookie

Boo Berry is a blue ghost. He has a giant grin and is wearing a red bow tie and a yellow hat with a red hat band. In one hand he is holding a glass picture of milk and in the other he is holding a bowl of his cereal. The milk is magically flying out of glass picture over Boo Berry and into the bowl of cereal. This is so cute!

While this is my first time featuring Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. I have featured some great kid friendly versions of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and ghosts in the past.

This adorable cake features Mickey Mouse as Count Dracula

This mash-up cake combines a Minion with Frankenstein’s Monster

These cute cookies feature Mickey and Minnie as ghosts

How To Make Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein’s Monster Cookies

Classic Movie Monster Cookies

The Cool Cookie Show has a terrific tutorial on How to Make Classic Monster Cookies.

Dracula has his classic fangs. Frankenstein’s monster has the bolts in his neck and the stitches on his face.

Here’s the wonderful video she did. It shows exactly how she made the Wolfman cookie, the Frankenstein’s Monster cookie, and the Dracula cookie. 


Here’s a quick video she did that shows Frankenstein’s monster only.

Moreover, please check out these Universal Monsters Cakes and Cookies

Move Over Baby Yoda. Here Comes Baby Godzilla

Baby Godzilla Cake

I saw this wonderful Baby Godzilla cake and just had to post it. Baby Godzilla is in the middle of Seattle, Washington. The buildings are just like toy blocks to him. He is holding the Space Needle in his hands. He is sitting on the ground just like a toddler, playing with his toys.

The ground around the buildings in covered with snow.

This wonderful cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

The detail of this cake is terrific.

Terrific Count Dracula Cake

Count Dracula Cake

This terrific Count Dracula cake is a wonderful 3-D sculpted edible version of the Count.

A bat is on his shoulder and blood is dripping from his fangs.

He looks like he just stepped out of an old horror movie.

This wonderful cake was made by Karen Portaleo.