Captain America Cake

Happy 4th of July!

This awesome Captain America cake was made by Ana Brum Biscuit Designer.  Ana has come up with a really nice three tier super hero cake design.  The bottom layer is the hero in silhouette, the middle layer is a close-up on the hero’s face with the city they’re protecting around them, and the top layer is a symbol associated with our hero.  Ana has done three of different super hero cakes with this great design. I’ll be featuring them over the next few weeks.

I really like the way Ana alternated between red and blue tiers. While I think the shield would have looked fine against a dark blue background, I think the red works so much better as a background for the silhouettes. The center image of Cap is absolutely wonderful and I like the shield on the top layer. I made a bunch of Captain America shields for a wedding cake, so I know it is harder to make then it looks.

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