Legend of Zelda

Marvelous Legend Of Zelda Cookies

Legend Of Zelda Cookies

These absolutely wonderful Legend of Zelda Cookies were made by Punky’s Sugar Shoppe.  My favorite part of these cookies is the texture that Tara creates. While decorating her cookies, Tara uses her icing to give them depth.  There are items that really are in front of other items.  That makes her cookies look 3-D. I’ll talk about this more after the next picture, but Tara also uses lines and crosshatching to create texture.


Legend Of Zelda Cookies

I love close-ups like this because you can really see the amazing amount of the detail on Link. My favorite part is the crosshatching on his clothes.  Look at the brown portion of his outfit just bellow his collar. That crosshatching shows that this is made of different material then the shirt or jacket. That is so hard to do on a cookie and it gives it such a realistic look.


Legend Of Zelda Cookies
These cookies are of the Hylian Shield, Master Sword, Triforce, and Piece of Heart. The Piece of Heart cookie is another amazing example of using icing to make a cookie look 3-D.  This is such a stunning set of cookies.

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