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Adorable Skellington Family Portrait

Nightmare Before Christmas Family Portrait

Meet Jack Skellington

His boy, Vlad

Daughter Mary

Sally, his wife

This wonderful Skellingtons Family portrait was created by Little Cake Confections.  This is one of the cutest Nightmare Before Christmas cookies I’ve ever seen. I really like how Amy created a complete Skellington family with two kids who have characteristics of each parent.  Zero, the family ghost dog, is also in the picture.  I also really like that Sally is looking at Jack and there is a heart floating over her head.  The family portrait is in an ornate frame and perfect for hanging in their haunted house.

I started this post with updated lyrics to the Jetsons’ theme song because one of the first things I thought when I saw this amazing cookie was that this could make an adorable cartoon series. I see it as being a cross between Nightmare Before Christmas, The Jetsons, and the Munsters.

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