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Magical Rudolph and Santa Cake

Rudolph and Santa Cake Topper

Rudolph and Santa Cake

Rudolph, With Your Nose So Bright, Won’t You Guide My Sleight Tonight?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is one of my favorite Christmas specials, so when I saw this amazing cake by Debbie Goard, I couldn’t wait to share it. Debbie’s Santa Claus and Rudolph are perfect. They look like they hopped right out of the TV set. If you want an idea of what size this cake was, Santa was 21 inches tall. That is almost twice the size of the Santa figure used in the special. That figure was 11 inches tall.

Over the weekend, the figures of Rudolph and Santa Claus used in filming the beloved Christmas special sold at auction for $368,000. They have been so well preserved that Rudolph’s nose still lights up. That’s amazing when you realize that the special was filmed way back in 1964.

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