Iron Man

Even Tony Stark Couldn’t Make An Iron Man Cake This Cool!

Iron Man Cake


This is without a doubt the best Iron Man Cake I’ve ever seen.  DOLCI Pastelería did an AMAZING job with this cake!

Iron Man is my son’s favorite superhero.  A few years ago, he and I (mostly I Smile) made him a Iron Man costume for Halloween.  It took weeks, but I was really happy with the results.  While making this costume, I became extremely knowledgeable about Iron Man’s armor.  I had to research aesthetic things like how does the arc reactor connect to the armor and practical things like how do the knee and elbow joins work.  Having that experience makes the really appreciate the design of this cake.

For example, Iron Man’s helmet looks like it could swivel and tilt slightly.  The shoulder joints are mesh with armor on top of them, so the shoulders can move.  The armor is made up of multiple plates of armor.  The arc reactor attaches to the multiple plates of armor which make up the chest piece.  The thing which makes this cake so amazing to me, isn’t just that it is breathtaking.  Their armor design is wonderful and works. 


Iron Man Cake

I love how the armor is segmented.  The chest plate is one piece made up of many smaller plates, the sides are separate and the chest plate attaches to them.  Plus, the chest plate and lower body are separate sections.  Without them being separate, Iron Man can’t turn at the waist.  The shoulder armor attaches to the body armor, so the shoulders can bend.


Iron Man Cake

Iron Man Cake

Talk about attention to detail – if you look at the grey plates at the neck and the mesh right below the shoulder plate, you’ll see bolts.


Iron Man Cake

The helmet and arc reactor look terrific.


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