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Adorable Blues Clues Cookies

Blues Clues Cookies

Blues Clues cookies

These adorable Blues Clues cookies feature Steve, Blue, Mailbox, Handy Dandy Notebook, and Pail.

These wonderful cookies were made by Jennifer Rose Custom Cookies

The Mailbox cookie reminds me of the song Steve used to sing on every episode: ‘We just got a letter.  We just got a letter.  We just got a letter. Wonder who it’s from?’


Blues Clues Cookies


Blues Clues Cookies

This Handy Dandy notebook cookie is terrific. My daughter used to love to watch Blue’s Clues.  Blue and Steve and his Handy Dandy Notebook entertained her with every show.  She even had her own Handy Dandy Notebook that she would store in her own Sidetable drawer.

Furthermore, Blue is on the number one cookies for this 1st birthday party. Other cookies have Blue in various poses.

In addition, a red Pail cookie is in the set.  I wonder where Shovel is? 

Another cookie shows Steve in his red chair with Blue behind him.

These cookies are terrific for any Blues Clues birthday party.

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