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Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Pumpkins

Mandalorian & Baby Yoda pumpkins
Baby Yoda & Mandalorian Pumpkins

These Mandalorian and Baby Yoda pumpkins are terrific likenesses of these characters.

These wonderful pumpkins were made by Beth Keely

Mandalorian pumpkin

These carved pumpkins look terrific lit up. 

The Mandalorian is wearing his helmet and armor on this pumpkin.  You can even see the reflections in the helmet and armor.

Baby Yoda pumpkin

This Baby Yoda Pumpkin is the cutest.  He is in his pod.  You can even see some of the tiny hairs on the top of his head. Also, the shading of the robe is terrific.

I love the detail of each character.

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