Marvelous Charlie Brown Ferris Wheel Cookie

Charlie Brown Ferris Wheel cookie

Winnie The Pooh ferris wheel Cookies

This cute Charlie Brown ferris wheel cookie features Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Schroeder, and Snoopy.

This wonderful cookie structure was made by Komachi Cookie.

There are 6 buckets on this wheel and for simplicity, I’m going to refer to each bucket as a separate cookie. Even though they are all one structure, it makes sense to break it into cookie pieces to talk about it.

A Peppermint Patty cookie is the first one. She is wearing a green striped shirt and is smiling and waving.

A Sally cookie is the second one. She is screaming and afraid.

A Snoopy cookie is the third one. He’s playing it cool.

A Lucy cookie is the fourth one. She’s smiling.

A Linus cookie is the fifth one. He’s holding his blue blanket and sucking his thumb.

A Marcie cookie is the sixth one. She has her hands up in the air.

In addition, a Charlie Brown is sitting at the bottom of the ferris wheel cookie.  Schroeder and his piano are at the bottom opposite him. There are musical notes around him and the piano.

The bottom part of the ferris wheel is painted to look like Snoopy’s doghouse and has the word Snoopy written on it.

Here’s a picture of the cookie cutter used to make this.

Charlie Brown Ferris Wheel cookie cutter

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Spending Thanksgiving With Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving!

This wonderful Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Cookies were made by HTX Custom Decorative Cookies.  These cookies are divided into two groups. 

The top set is Charlie Brown trying to kick the football held my Lucy and ending up flying through the air.  The story telling in these cookies is absolutely wonderful!  The first cookie is Lucy sweetly offering to hold the football. The second cookie is a close-up of Charlie Brown thinking about Lucy’s offer and why she won’t pull the ball away. The third cookie is Charlie Brown flying through the air because Lucy pulled the football away. 

The bottom set features Snoopy and Woodstock.  In two of the cookies, Snoopy is preparing the Thanksgiving turkey.  In the last cookie, Snoopy and Woodstock are dressed a pilgrims.

Amazing Charlie Brown Pumpkin Sculpture

Charlie Brown Pumpkin

This amazing Charlie Brown Pumpkin was carved by Danny Kissel. This was made from two pumpkins – one for his body and another for his head. Other pieces were used for his feet, arms and hands, ears, nose and eyes.  I really like the little touches, Charlie Brown has the little curly cue in his hair and he is wearing his famous striped shirt.

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Top 7 Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies

Snoopy And Woodstock Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

Snoopy and woodstock jack-o-lantern cookies

I have looked at many Charlie Brown halloween themed cookies over the years and have seen many designs, but some send out among the rest and these have become my favorites. I would like to share my favorites, these 7 Charlie Brown Halloween cookies with you. 

These orange Snoopy and Woodstock Halloween cookies above are a terrific example of use of backgrounds to compliment the central theme of the cookie. The pumpkin background goes well with the jack-o-lantern and Snoopy.

This wonderful cookies were made by Frost Me Beautiful


Snoopy And Woodstock Halloween Pumpkin Cookies

Snoopy and woodstock Halloween Pumpkin cookies

These terrific Snoopy and Woodstock Halloween cookies have a pallet of only 4 colors which focuses your attention on the central theme of each cookie – Snoopy and the pumpkin.

These wonderful cookies were made by Ally’s Cookies.


 It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Cookie

It’s the great Pumpkin charlie brown cookie

This large  It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cookie looks just like the book.

It make me want to read the book.

This wonderful cookie was made by Beth’s Cookie Studio.


Charlie Brown Halloween cookies  

Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies  

I really like this set of Charlie Brown Halloween cookies because they feature scenes from the Halloween special.

I like the cookie where Lucy and Snoopy are bobbing for apples and have grabbed the same apple.  

Linus is in the Pumpkin Patch holding up a sign saying Welcome Great Pumpkin on another cookie. I like the hopeful look on his face.

The cookie with Charlie Brown with his ghost costume full of holes and holding a rock in one hand standing beside another ghost costume brings a smile to my face.

Let’s not forget Snoopy dressed up as a flying ace as he sits on top of his dog house with the night sky as the background. Pumpkins are on the ground around the doghouse on this cookie.

Another cookie shows the silhouette of Snoopy dressed as a flying ace against the moonlight in a pumpkin patch as he returns from his air battle.

Lucy is dressed in her Halloween witch costume on a cookie.

Another cute cookie has Woodstock dressed as a purple witch riding a broom across the sky.

I like the cookie with Charlie smiling while standing in the pumpkin patch.

These wonderful Charlie Brown Halloween Cookies were made by Carol Tarantino.


Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday Cookies & Cake

Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday cookies & Cake

These Charlie Brown Halloween cookies and jack-o-lantern cake with snoopy inside are a terrific way to celebrate a first birthday.  

These cookie have scenes from the Halloween special too. They are in a totally different style from the previous one.

I like the cookie where Charlie Brown is scared by Snoopy jumping out of the pumpkin, trips over the leaves and falls. It reminds me of the classic scene where he goes to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away and he falls which is on another one of these cookies.

I always consider that a classic Charlie Brown comic scene that appears in most specials.

The cookie with Charlie Brown smiling while standing in the pumpkin patch makes me smile.  He is one of my favorite Peanuts characters.

This set has a nice version of Charlie Brown in his ghost costume full of holes too. 

These cookies have Lucy and Snoopy grabbing the same apple. 

The cookie with Snoopy inside the jack-o-lantern with Woodstock on his head is cute.

No Halloween cookie set would be  complete without Linus in the pumpkin patch holding the sign saying Welcome great Pumpkin.

These wonderful cookies were made by  Sugar Ranch Cookies & Cakes


Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday Cookies

Charlie Brown Halloween 1st Birthday cookies

Here’s another set of terrific 1st birthday Charlie Brown Halloween cookies.

I like the cookies with Linus and Sally in the pumpkin patch with the sign saying Happy Birthday.

These cookies have number one cookies with small orange pumpkins and a banner with the birthday name.

I like the way most of these cookies have a navy blue background that contrasts well with the yellow Charlie Brown shirt cookies and the orange pumpkin cookies.

The navy blue background makes the characters stand out well.

The orange pumpkin cookies says It’s the Great Pumpkin.

The ghost costume with many holes is a classic scene on another cookie.

Snoopy makes an appearance as a Great Pumpkin Believer since 2018 according to another cookie.

These wonderful cookies were made by Sugarmoon Cookies.


Charlie Brown Halloween Baby Shower Cookies

Charlie Brown Halloween Baby Shower cookies

October is a terrific month to be born, especially when you can celebrate the birth with these Charlie Brown Halloween baby shower cookies.

I adore the cookie with Linus holding the sign that says Welcome Little Pumpkin.

Charlie Brown’s face is on a cookie beside it and onesie cookies are around it.

These wonderful cookies were made by Lakeside Cookie Co. 

I hope you have enjoyed these top 7 Charlie Brown Halloween cookies as much I have enjoyed writing about them. 

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