Doctor Strange

Do You Want A Spot Of Tea With This Amazing Levitating Doctor Strange Cake?

Levitating Doctor Strange Cake

It is tea time, so Doctor Strange is having tea. But since this is Doctor Strange – The Sorcerer Supreme, he is doing it in his own magical style.  He is wearing his cloak of levitation and floating in the air.  The tea pot is floating beside him in easy reach.  Want some light tea time reading? Try to Book of Vishanti!  This delightful cake was made by Elana Gnut.

Terrific Defenders Cake

Defenders Cake

This terrific Defenders Cake was made by Jean Schapowal from Cakes With Character. 

When I mention a superhero group named The Defenders, what first comes to mind?

I suspect that most people think of the popular Netflix series featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

There was a group called The Defenders long before this. Back in 1971, Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Namor appeared in Marvel Feature #1 as The Defenders.



Here is the cover of Marvel Features #1.

They were a group of outsiders who fought supernatural and magic threats. Doctor Strange led the group. The members of the group varied from 1972 through 1986, but for the most part, Dr. Strange and the Hulk stayed members. Some of the other members over the years included Valkyrie (if you look carefully, you’ll see her on the cake), Hawkeye, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Gargoyle, Beast, Angel, Iceman, the Son of Satan, and Luke Cage.

In Doctor Strange #183, Sub-Mariner #22, and The Incredible Hulk #126, Doctor Strange teams with Sub-Mariner and Hulk to protect the Earth from the Undying Ones.  The reason for this crossover was Doctor Strange had been canceled, so Roy Thomas wrapped up the story begun in Doctor Strange in those issues of Sub-Mariner and The Incredible Hulk. This gave Roy Thomas an idea.  So in Sub-Mariner #34-35, Namor asks Silver Surfer and the Hulk to help stop a weather control experiment. In Marvel Feature #1, Dr. Strange, Hulk, and Namor fought a wizard called Yandroth and reluctantly became The Defenders after that.  It is such a relucant team that Hulks says “Hulk Never Wants To Get Together Again. Never! Hulk was in group once – called Avengers. Didn’t Like It.” 


Hulk Doesn't Want To Be In The Defenders


The Defenders appeared again in Marvel Feature #2 & #3.  After these three issues, The Defenders were awarded their own title.

This terrific Defender cake was based on these original Defenders. Hulk is a 3-D character that comes out of the comic book cover. He was made using modeling chocolate. The entire piece is hand-painted and drawn. Wafer paper was used to create the torn comic book pages.


Gaint Sized Defenders 1

Here is the cover of Giant-Sized Defenders #1 drawn by Gil Kane which Jean’s awesome cake is based upon.

The comic book stories I mentioned above are available from Amazon.



Doctor Strange Epic Collection: A Separate Reality includes the three part story I mentioned above – Doctor Strange 183, Sub-Mariner #22, and Incredible Hulk #126.  It also includes the 1st Defenders comic book from Marvel Feature #1.  It features the tail end of Roy Thomas and Gene Colan’s classic run and the beginning of Steve Englehart and Richard Brunner’s run.  The later is considered by many to be the best run on Doctor Strange ever.  This volume is a really great sampling of silver age Doctor Strange and contains some of the best artwork Marvel ever published.




Defenders Masterworks Vol. 1 contains the team-up with Namor, Hulk, and Silver Surfer from Sub-Mariner #34 & 35.  It also features the Defenders three try-out issues from Marvel Feature. It concludes with the first six issues of the Defenders.



Defenders Masterworks Vol. 2 reprints Giant-Size Defenders #1.  This volume also contains the most popular Defenders story ever – the classic Avengers / Defender
s Wars. You get Hawkeye and Nighthawk joining the Defenders.  Plus, the Defenders take on the X-Men’s most famous foe – Magneto.   I highly recommend this volume.  This is as good as silver age Marvel Comics get.

Fabulous Doctor Strange And the Red Monster Cake

Doctor Strange Cake

This Fabulous Doctor Strange And the Red Monster Cake was made by Pei from Cumberclay.  Pei made this clay cake to feature Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Doctor Strange.  Doctor Strange has used his Cloak of Levitation to levitate above these strange worlds. There is a multi-tentacled red monster lurking behind one of planets getting ready to strike and possibly devour the planet. These worlds are multicolored and are different shapes and sizes. It looks like they could even be in a different dimension. Doctor Strange is wearing a blue shirt and black pants with a yellow belt.

Awesome Doctor Strange Levitating Cupcake

Doctor Strange Cupcake

This Awesome Doctor Strange Levitating Cupcake was made by Pei from Cumberclay.  All of Pei’s clay cupcakes and cupcake toppers feature Benedict Cumberbatch.  This cupcake shows Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange using his Cloak of Levitation to levitate above the cupcake. It looks like there are lights coming out of his hands as he casts a magic spell. The cloak is red with yellow trim. He is wearing a blue shirt and black pants with a yellow belt.