Plants vs. Zombies

Splendid Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Plants vs Zombies Cake

This Splendid Plants vs Zombies Cake was made by The Bunny Baker.  This cake features Zombies, Garlic, Sunflower, Peashooter, Wall-nut, and a note from the Zombies.  The baker did a wonderful job with these characters.

Plants vs Zombies Cake



Plants vs Zombies Cake



Plants vs Zombies Cake

Sunflower and Peashooter


Plants vs Zombies Cake



Plsnts vs Zombies Cake

Note from the Zombies

Titanic Team-up: Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies and Green Pigs


Angry Birds Cake

Norie’s Kitchen made this wicked cake which features the Angry Birds teamed up with The Plants vs. Zombies and Green Pigs.

If you look carefully you’ll see:

  • A zombie holding one the angry birds’ eggs
  • A conehead green pig
  • If you look to the right of the king green pig, you’ll see a zombie with a green pig head climbing up the wall
  • Cherry bombs being launched from the angry birds’ slightshot
  • See the peashooter?  It just launched the two blue birds in front of it.

7 Amazing Plants vs. Zombies Cakes


Like most bakeries, Norie’s Kitchen, in the Philippines, makes all sorts of wonderful cakes, but she is best known for her Plants vs. Zombies cakes.  Here are seven of her amazing cakes.  I really like how the characters look so similar to those in the game.  But, my favorite thing about these cakes is the variety of plants and zombies that Norie uses.  Norie uses over two dozen different plants and zombies in her cakes.


Plants vs. Zombies CakeGattling Pea CakeTangle Kelp Cake

Tangle Kelp is one of my favorite plants in the game.  They’re wonderful to put at the front of a row of Sea-shrooms.


Dancing Zombie CakeDucky Tube Zombie Cake




Plants vs. Zombies CakeBuckethead Zombie CakePlants vs. Zombies Cake

Garlic is one of the few plants I don’t think I’ve ever used in the game.




Plants vs. Zombies CakePlants vs. Zombies Cake

Kernel-pults are my favorite plants in the game.  They shoot over curved roofs, they do damage, and their butter freezes zombies for a few seconds.


Plants vs. Zombies Cake




Plants vs. Zombies CakeSnowpea and Melon Pult CakeGargantuar Zombie with Imp Cake

I’m on level 5-7, so I haven’t seen Gargantuar Zombie’s yet.  My daughter, who has finished the game, says they are the hardest zombies to defeat.




Plants vs. Zombies CakePlants vs. Zombies CakeDancing Zombie with Backup Dancers Cake

The Dancing Zombies have the best visuals in the game.  Their dance moves, the lighting, and the way the Backup Dancers popup out of the ground are so cool.




Plants vs. Zombies Cake




Plants vs. Zombies CakeCherry Bomb CakeSquash

Squash aren’t bad, but I prefer using Chompers.


Plants vs. Zombies CakePlants vs. Zombies Cake




Plants vs. Zombies Cake



Norie also makes wonderful Plants vs. Zombies cookie pops and cupcakes:


Plants vs Zombies Cookie PopsPlants vs Zombies CupcakesPlants vs Zombies Cupcakes







Awesome Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Plants vs. Zombies Cake

This wonderful Plants vs. Zombies Cake was made by M5Cake.  The plants and zombies are terrific and look just like they do in the game.  For more Plants vs. Zombies cakes, check out these Conehead Zombie

This is a Conehead Zombie; His traffic cone headpiece makes him twice as tough as normal zombies.




Conehead Zombie Head


A Wall-Nut and a Tall-Nut

These are a Wall-Nut and a Tall-Nut.  Both have hard shells which you can use to protect your other plants.  While Tall-Nuts cost more, they can’t be jumped over by zombies.


My favorite trick in Plants vs. Zombies involves Tall-Nuts.  I like to plants Spikeweed directly in front of Tall-Nuts.  This way, zombies are damaged by the Spikeweed the whole time they are trying to eat through the Tall-Nuts.


Potato Mine

This is a Potato Mine. It packs a power-ful punch, but needs a while to arm themselves.  You should plant them ahead of zombies.  They will explode on contact.





After you kill a group of zombies, coins will appear on the screen.  Once you have enough of them, you can use them to purchase things like additional slots for your plants.