Marvelous Pocahontas Birthday Cookies

Pocahontas Cookies

These Marvelous Pocahontas Birthday Cookies were made by You Can Call Me Sweetie. Several cookies has Pocahontas’ necklace. The name Pocahontas is in red letters on several yellow cookies. 

The cookies with Pocahontas face and leaves blowing behind her remind me of the song, ‘Colors of the Wind.’

The Birthday Name is on several Pocahontas cookies.

Pocahontas Cookies

Pocahontas Cookies

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Awesome Pocahontas Cake

Pocahontas Cake

This Awesome Pocahontas Cake was made by Sugar and Spice Cakes.  This Disney cake was made using 2 chocolate 10 inch cakes and 4 Yellow 8 inch cakes covered in fondant.  Modeling chocolate was used for the figures of Pocahontas, Meeko and Flick.  I like the way the cake layer are hand-painted with background scenery.  Notice how even the cake board has hand-painted scenery.


Pocahontas Cake



Disney Cake


Also, check out these wonderful Pocahontas Cakes and Cookies.