Two Snazzy R2-D2 Groom’s Cakes

R2-D2 Groom’s Cake

Salt Cake City makes gorgeous R2-D2 Groom’s Cakes.  This cake features the top half of R2-D2.  R2 is wearing a tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt with black buttons.  He has a black bow tie and green flower in his lapel.


R2-D2 Groom’s Cake

One thing which makes these R2-D2 Groom’s Cakes so cool is that Jennifer makes more than one variation.  Here is R2-D2 in a slightly different attire.  Just like the cake above, R2 is wearing a tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt with black buttons.  Here, he has a blue bow tie and pink flower in his lapel.  Jennifer did two really cool thing with this cake.  First, the blue bow tie is the same color as the blue panels on R2.  It makes the bow tie really stand out.  Second, The silver in R2’s dome is a little more blue than usual.  This also helps blue really stand out.  The results are one snazzy looking droid.

Wonderful R2-D2 Cake

R2 D2 Cake

This Wonderful R2-D2 Cake was made by Isbilya Cakes. I like the way the background for the cake is outer space. This fits so well with R2-D2 since he is an Astromech droid and was often in outer space riding in Luke’s and Anakin’s star fighters. 

The first time R2-D2 appeared, he was on a space ship with Princess Leia when Darth Vader boarded the ship and took the Princess prisoner in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

R2-D2 Cake

This single layer Star Wars cake is many shades of blue and green to represent outer space. This cake would be a great addition to the birthday celebration of a lucky Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Cake

Each panel for R2-D2 looks like it was meticulously measured and cut out from fondant and carefully placed on his body to make this wonderful edible Star Wars droid.

Star Wars Cake

Here’s a view of R2-D2 from the top.