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My R2-D2 Cake

R2-D2 Cake 

I made this cake for my son’s birthday one year.  He is a huge Star Wars fan. 


R2-D2 CakeStar Wars Cake

Star Wars Cake


I made this cake before I began this blog, so I don’t have step by step instructions.


Here are some tips on how I created this cake:


The Wilton sports ball pan is 6” in diameter and was used to make the top of R2-D2.  The body of R2-D2 was made using 6” by 3” pans and the top part of the Wilton Sports Ball pan for his head.  I used wooden dowels in the bottom layers and a cardboard cake circle to support the cake’s upper layers and head.  One wooden dowel went through the middle of all of the layers, including the head. The entire cake was covered with a thin layer of butter cream icing. R2-D2 was then covered in white fondant. I used the following  rolled fondant recipe.


All of the buttons and designs were made using colored fondant. Some were painted over with Luster dust. Luster dust can be purchased at a Cake specialty store.  Mix the luster dust with a small amount of Vodka to make a smooth paste; then paint on with a brush.  The black eye in the middle was created with piping gel colored with black cake color.


R2-D2’s arms were made from cookie dough.  Once the cake was made, I used paper to cut a template for the size and shape of the arms.  I then made and rolled out cookie dough to about 3/4” thick.  I made 2 cookies for each arm to get the thickness that I needed.  I glued the arm pieces together using Royal Icing.


If I make another R2-D2 I will use rice crispy treats to make the arms.

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