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Went Fishing and Caught This Lovely Cake

Gone Fishing Cake 6

I made this Gone Fishing cake for the birthday party of a man who loves fishing.

I made a two-tiered cake with a 3-D fish jumping out of the water.

I put a dock and a gone fishing sign on the top of the cake.


Gone Fishing Cake Fish 5


The fish was modeled after Sharon Wee’s  Fish Cake Topper video tutorial for Pettinice. 

I used sugar paste fins instead of wafer paper.


Gone Fishing Cake sign

The sign was made using sugar paste. I used a dresden tool to put in the wood grain texture. The sign was airbrushed then the paint partly rubbed off to get the darkened woodgrain lines.

The sign pieces were put onto a sucker stick with chocolate.


Gone Fishing Cake dock

The dock was made from sugar paste. The legs that go into the cake were pretzels.

The plants are fondant and spaghetti.


Gone Fishing Cake back l

Here’s a picture of the back of the cake.  The plants around the bottom tier were made with buttercream and spaghetti.

The entire cake was airbrushed to create a water wave effect.  


Here’s some in-progress shots of the fish cake topper.


Fish Cake toopper 2

Fish Cake topper 6

Fish Cake Topper 8

Fish Cake Topper 10

Fish Cake Topper 11

Fish Cake Topper 12

Fish Cake Topper 14

Fish Cake Topper 16

I painted both sides of the fish.