Awesome Wedding Cakes!

Wedding Cake


This wedding cake was baked by Say It with Cake.  The carriage cake stand is one of the prettiest stands I’ve seen and the cake complements it perfectly.


Topsy Turvey Wedding Cake


This physics defying wedding cake was baked by A Couple of Sweet Things.








This wedding cake was baked by Karren Montague Wilde.  She calls this the Guilded Vine.  It’s an appropriate name because the vine captures your attention.  Karren’s work on the vine is amazing and the contrast between the gold and brown is stunning.







Burgundy Wedding Cake


These last two wedding cakes were baked by Yana.  It’ll come as no surprise that both cakes won first prize at a 2009 State competition.

3 thoughts on “Awesome Wedding Cakes!”

  1. Anastasia,
    I agree, my wedding cake wasn’t anywhere near that amazing.
    As part of my research for this blog, I look at hundreds of cakes each week. After a while, most of the cakes blend together. That’s why I love the “physics defying wedding cake”, it’s unique and really creative.
    What I’d like to know is how they transported the cake. Did they move it assembled or did they assemble the five layers once the got to the wedding reception.

  2. Where can you purchase the horse and carriage cake stand? I want this one for my sons wedding in June. Please can anyone help me?

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