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10 Awesome James Bond Cakes

James Bond Wedding CakeJames Bond Wedding CakeJames Bond Wedding Cake

This amazing James Bond Wedding Cake was made by Variedades Dalila in Venezuela.  The most amazing thing about this cake? The helicopter and figurines were hand made and are edible.


James Bond Cake

This cool James Bond Birthday Cake was made by Imagine Cakes in Port Stephens, Australia.


Casino Royale Cake

This awesome Casino Royale cake was made by Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills, California.  I love Rosebud Cakes because they developed a unique design style which they use on all of their cakes.  You can look at a cake and tell that it was made by Rosebud Cakes.  They are the only baker, I’ve seen with that distinct of a style.


James Bond Tuxedo CakeJames Bond Tuxedo Cake

This cute James Bond Tuxedo Cake was made by Snob Cakes which is located in Beach Haven, New Zealand.


James Bond Cake

James Bond Cake

These great James Bond Birthday Cakes were made by The Cake Works in Darlington, Co. Durham in the United Kingdom.


Aston Martin Cake

This awesome cake of James Bond’s Aston Martin was made by CMNY Cakes which is located in Long Island and Manhattan.


James Bond CakeCasino Chips

Golden Gun Cake

This terrific James Bond Cake was made by Jelly Cakes in the United Kingdom.  This cake features Handmade Poker Chips, the Golden Gun, the winning card hand from Casino Royale, and edible diamonds.


James Bond Birthday Cake

This stylish James Bond cake was made by Inspired by Chocolate and Cakes in Sydney Australia.


Golden Gun Cake

My favorite cake decorator, Mike’s Amazing Cakes, made this amazing Golden Gun.