Haunted Mansion Pumpkins

Sensational Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Carvings

Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Carving

This fantastic Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Carving featuring the Bride was made by the amazing  Dan Szczepanski.

Here are two more pictures of this amazing pumpkin:


Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Carving


This pumpkin reminds me of a trip of Walt Disney World. A few years ago, I got to ride Haunted Mansion right around midnight on Halloween. One of the guests in the line near me was dressed up as the Bride and even had the beating red heart.


Haunted Mansion Pumpkin Carving


For certain pumpkins, Dan also creates shadows.   When you light-up one of these pumpkins, not only does the pumpkin glow, but they also create a “shadow” on the wall behind them.  Here is Dan’s Hatbox Ghost Pumpkin Carvings with its amazing shadow:


Hatbox Ghost Pumpkin Carving

How cool is that?

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