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Marvelous Spider-Man Cake

Spider-Man Cake

This Marvelous Spider-Man Cake was made by Marzia Caruso.  I like the way Spider-Man has the Birthday child's age caught in his web.  Notice how his costume looks textured and is nicely color coordinated with the cake layers.

The bottom layer of this two-tiered Spider-Man birthday cake is covered in red fondant. Black spider webs are on top of the red fondant. The top layer of the cake is blue with a white spider web on top. The red letters of the birthday name are caught in the white spider web. 


Spider-Man Cake

Spider-Man Cake Spider-Man is wearing red boots with a gray spider web pattern.  His pants are textured blue and match the cake layer beneath him. His arms are textured red with gray spider webs and match the bottom cake layer.  The under side of his arms have a blue textured patch.  There is a black spider on his chest. His face mask is red with gray spider webs and large white eyes that are outlined in black.