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Amazing Alice in Wonderland Easter Eggs

Alice in Wonderland Easter Eggs

Wow!!! John Lamoroni made these amazing Easter Eggs based on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Notice that the body of each character is also an Easter Egg. 

The Tweedle  Dee and Tweedle Dum characters have a egg for the head and another egg for the body. The body is painted black on the bottom for black pants and has black and white stripes on the top for a black and white striped shirt. There are thin red suspenders painted on top of the shirt.

The green Cheshire Cat has one egg for the body and another for the head. In front of the Cheshire Cat is a table with a green teapot and green tea cups.

The White Rabbit’s body is an egg painted dark blue on the top to represent a dark blue jacket. He is holding a pocket watch in his hand.  His face is a white egg with his pink eyes and ears painted onto it and his pink ears ears sticking up from his head.

The Mad Hatter egg has his black top hat with the pink ribbon and his orange hair. 

The Red Queen has red hair and a gold crown.

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