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Darling Disneyland Easter Eggs

TWA Moonliner

Bridget McCarty is an amazing artist who creates stunning Easter Eggs and painted pumpkins for Disneyland. This afternoon, I’m spotlighting some of her awesome eggs featuring Disneyland rides and attractions

This first egg is the TWA Astroliner from the old Rocket To The Moon Ride. Unfortunately, by the time of my first Disneyland trip, this ride was long gone.  I love the fact that Bridget made an egg of a vintage Disneyland ride.


Cheshire Cat Easter Egg

The Cheshire Cat riding the Mad Tea Party.


Club 33 Easter Egg

I’ve never been fortunate enough to go to Club 33 and unfortunately, I doubt I ever will.


Haunted Mansion Easter Egg

I’ll conclude our brief trip to Disneyland with two eggs from my husband’s favorite ride.


Haunted Mansion Easter Egg

Hurry back…Be sure to visit Between the Pages again tomorrow, we’ll be featuring more awesome Easter Eggs.  We’re dying to have you…hurry back, hurry back.