Gorgeous Elsa the Snow Queen Cake

Frozen Cake

This Gorgeous Elsa the Snow Queen Cake was made by McGreevy Cakes.  This Disney cake is an edible bust sculpture of Elsa. She is wearing her blue and white ice dress. The front of the dress is composed of  separate shiny light greenish blue squares that overlap to represent ice crystals. The sleeves are a delicate white.  Her hair is braided in front of her and has blue snowflakes on top of it. she is wearing lipstick and eye shadow.  she has brown eyebrows.

The cake board is white with tiny ice crystals covered in glitter dust and larger blue snowflakes. 

Her hair and head were made using modeling chocolate. Fondant was used for the blue dress and the white sleeves were made from wafer paper covered in glitter dust. Her skin tone and makeup were done using petal dust. This Disney princess cake looks absolutely stunning.


Elsa Cake

Here’s a close-up of Elsa’s eyes and face. The purple and pink eye shadow and the black mascara around her blue eyes can easily be seen. 


Disney Frozen Cake

Here’s a close-up of snowflakes in Elsa’s hair and her dress


Elsa the Snow Queen Cake

Back of Elsa

Some cake in progress pictures. 

Frozen Cakes

Elsa Cake

Elsa Cake

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