Jungle Book

Experience the Bare Necessities of Life With This Cake

Jungle Book Cake

This Superb Jungle Book cake was made by Emma Ball.  It fetures Baloo with his arm around his man cub, Mowgli.  Baloo is a grey bear with light grey patches on his snout, stomach, and soles of his feet.  He has a brown nose.  He has extremely sharp claws which he uses to pick prickley pears.  Mowgli is a young Indian boy.  He is wearing a read loin cloth.  A logo for the movie The Jungle Book is in the lower left corner of the cake.

In The Jungle Book, Baloo and Mowgli have a father/son relationship.  Emma does a wonderful job expressing this with this cake.  Baloo and Mowgli are sitting side by side.  Baloo has his arm around Mowgli and Mowgli has his hand of Baloo’s leg.  Mowgli is smiling and looking forward.  Baloo is smiling and looking at Mowgli.  The way Emma uses just body language to show their father/son relationship is terrific.

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