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Fabulous Mike Wazowski 2nd Birthday Cake

Monsters Inc Cake

This Fabulous Mike Wazowski Cake was made by Richard’s Cakes.  Mike is wearing a purple and blue striped birthday hat with a purple pompom on the end and the number 2 in the front as the birthday age. Mike is light green with splotches of  darker green and brown. He has brown horns and brown toenails and fingernails.  Mike is  waving at the Birthday child and smiling with his teeth and tongue showing.  I like the way this cake uses fur patterns of Monsters, Inc. characters to spell out the Birthday name.  The ‘K’ is Sulley’s blue and pink dotted fur, the ‘i’ is Cilia Mae’s purple skin and eye, the ‘e’ is Roz’s yellow skin, and the purple with blue dots and horns is another monster.  All around the cake board are pictures of blue doors with yellow handles that lead into the human world. There are yellow stars in between the doors.