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Marvelous Hellboy Cake Pops

Hellboy Cake Pops

These Marvelous Hellboy Cake Pops were made by Midtown Sweets.  

These Superhero Cake Pops show the horns on the top of his head that Hellboy has filed off to stumps. They show his black hair and his black goatee on his chin. He has a cigar his his mouth.  His eyes are yellow.  The detail on Hellboy is amazing.

Hellboy is said to be the World Greatest Paranormal Investigator.  As a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, he fights against Nazis and Baba Yaga and other bad guys.

Hellboy was summoned from hell to earth during World War II. He has superhuman strength and endurance. He can also heal quickly from injuries. 

Hellboy Cake Pop

Side views of Hellboy


Hellboy Cake Pop

In progress picture on the left

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