EXTERMINATE! This Dalek Cake

Dalek Cake 3

By eating this Dalek cake, one can EXTERMINATE! this particular long time enemy of The Doctor. Happy Occasion Cakes, in the United Kingdom, created this marvelous Doctor Who cake. This edible golden Dalek has luminosity dischargers and eyestalk at the top that actually light up. The midsection has its manipulator arm and gunstick that is ready to EXTERMINATE! all party go-ers the Dalek comes in contact with. The base is made of golden plates with globes attached. This Dalek has a black rim around the bottom of its base. There are also lights around the black rim at the bottom in the lit up cake pictue below.  The Doctor Who logo is on the gray swirly patterned cake board. The baker also made a magnificent Cyber-Man Cake.

Dalek Cake

Side View of Dalek Cake

Doctor Who Cake

Doctor Who logo at bottom of cake

Doctor Who Cake

Dalek Cake lit up