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These Star Wars Cookies Are Awesome

Star Wars Cookies

Compassionate Cake made these awesome Star Wars Cookies.   An X-Wing fighter is set against a starry outer space background as a cookie. The Princess Leia cookie shows her in her traditional white robe and her hair bun. Yoda is wearing a tan Jedi robe. Padme’ Amidala is wearing her ceremonial gold and red headdress. Jango Fett with his blue and silver armor is featured on a cookie with a blue background and silver trim. Darth Maul’s face is set in a grey background with red trim. An Ewok is set on a cookie with a green background and brown trim. Yoda and Darth Vader are holding their lightsabers, ready for action in the cookies pictured below.

Yoda Cookie

Yoda with lit lightsaber on a cookie

Darth Vader Cookie

Darth Vader with red lightsaber on a Cookie