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These Star Wars Cookies Are Out Of This World!

Star Wars Cookies

These wonderful Star Wars Cookies were made by Treats by Trish.  There are four different cookies on the platter:

  • Star Wars logo cookies.  These are black cookies with the words Star Wars outlined in gold and stars in the background.  These cookies make me think of the open crawl at the start of each movie.
  • R2-D2 cookies.  These cookies are wonderful! They are white cookies with R2-D2 on them.  There is so much detail to these R2-D2 cookies. 
  • Lightsaber cookies. These cookies look like a close-up of Darth Vader’s gloved hand holding his red lightsaber.
  • Rogue Squadron cookies.  I’ve never seen a Rogue Squadron Cookie before.  The cookie has a red rebel alliance symbol on a black background.  Flying out of the logo is an X-Wing.  The X-Wing is done in an white outline.  The overall effect is a gorgeous cookie!