Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bag Wolf Have Gone Steampunk

Steampunk Red Riding Hood Cake

Wow! This steampunk Little Red Riding Hood Cake is absolutely gorgeous!  Zorica's Cake Art by Hajnalka Mayor made this cake for Steampunk Sugar Geeks, a collaboration between cake decorators which celebrates steampunk.  I’ll be posting a bunch of the cakes made for Steampunk Sugar Geeks over the next few days.


Steampunk Red Riding Hood

The Red Riding Hood figure is amazing!  I cannot decide which I like more – the figure of Red Riding Hood or her amazing steampunk costume.  Red Riding Hood’s face and hair are gorgeous and her outfit is just as wonderful.  This picture lets you see the detail on Red’s boots.  That those are edible blows my mind. 


Steampunk Red Riding Hood

Underneath her hood, Red has goggles on her head. She is wearing a corset that buckles up the front. She has gloves and a cool looking wrist watch.  The Big Bad Wolf better beware this Red Riding Hood because she also has a wicked dagger in one hand.


Steampunk Red Riding Hood

Here is a close-up of Red’s stunning hair and face.


Steampunk Big Bad Wolf

One thing I really like about this cake is that Red Riding Hood isn’t the only one who received an upgrade.  The steampunk Big Bag Wolf looks awesome.  He has gears on his head and even has an artificial eye.


Steampunk Big Bad Wolf

I guess the artificial eye is “the better to see you with my dear”?


Red Riding Hood Cake Backdrop

This is one of my favorite pictures of the cake.  The detail on the woods, the path to Grandma’s house, and the Big Bag Wolf are simply stunning.

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