Adorable Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake

Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake

This adorable Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake was made by Karolina Berger of Creme & Fondant

This Marvelous cake was created for the Steam Cakes – Steampunk Collaboration. To celebrate the Steampunk International Day, Cake Artists from around the world gathered to create their own edible Steampunk masterpieces. 

This is a wonderful 3-D sculpted cake.

This cute Teddy Bear is wearing a brown leather pirate hat that has metal gears on the front. He is wearing an eye patch that has a bronze gear in the middle of th patch. The Teddy Bear has a nice smile on his face.  He’s the type of pirate that everyone would want to meet. I would expect his crew to friendly. He is wearing a leather vest and he has a hook for his right hand. 

A parrot with a wing decorated with gears is on his shoulder.

Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake 4

On his belt is a brown leather pouch that holds a treasure map. The pouch is decorated with a silver gear on the flap. He is wearing brown shoes decorated with a single gear on the side.

There is a compass and spyglass on the cake board. The cake board is made to look like old tarnished metal plates.

Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake 2

There is a treasure map on the cake board in front of him.

Teddy Bear Pirate Steampunk Cake 3

The board is decorated to look like a ship’s wheel.

There is a tiny pirate ship beside him. It is decorated with gears. The sail looks like the parchment of a map and it has a gear in the middle. The mast has a gear at the top. The ship is decorated with gears on the sides.