Magnificent Star-Lord and Awesome Mix Cake

Star Lord Cake

This Magnificent Star-Lord Cake was made by Regali Kitchen. This Guardians of the Galaxy Cake was made to surprise a lucky thirty-four year old on their birthday.

An edible figure of Peter Quill, dressed as Star-Lord, is the central focus of the cake.  The Cake and cake board are dark blue with flecks of white to represent outer space with stars. The birthday name is in yellow letters on the front of the cake. The cassette tape ‘Awesome Mix 34’ rests against the cake just under the birthday name. It was changed from ‘1’ to ’34’ to represent the birthday age.

The cake is a chocolate rum cake.

Guardians of the Galaxy Cake

Star-Lord is standing on top of a large stone. He is wearing brown boots, gray pants, and gray shirt, a brown belt with a silver buckle. A brown satchel is draped over his shoulder. He is wearing a long red coat. He has on his silver mask with red eyes. He is holding blasters in each hand.

Guardians of the Cake

Edible copy of Awesome Mix 1 cassette tape. Notice that it is Awesome Mix 34 to represent the birthday age.

Star Lord Cake

Rear view of Star-Lord figure at the top of the cake