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Geektastic Star Trek Meets Doctor Who Cookies

Star Trek Meets Doctor Who Cookies

These Fabulous Star Trek and Doctor Who Cookies were made by Mallory Mae from Butterwinks. The Doctor Who cookies are the TARDIS, a Dalek, a Sonic Screwdriver, a gray Weeping Angel, and a silver Cyberman. The Star Trek Cookies are the Enterprise, Uhura, Spock, Kirk, and a Star Fleet comm badge.

The TARDIS cookie has a gray background and a black dashed border. The blue TARDIS is in the middle of the cookie. 

The Dalek cook is bronze with silver bumps for the bottom of the Dalek. The sensors and other panels on the top are black.

The Sonic Screwdriver is on a blue cookie background with a black dashed border. The Sonic Screwdriver is gold, white, black, and green at the very tip of the screwdriver.

The Weeping Angel has its face covered with its hands. It is a gray cookie with black outlines. 

The Cyberman cookie is the head of a Cyberman. It is done in multiple shades of gray with black outlines and black eyes.

These Star Trek Meets Doctor Who Cookies also feature the following Star Trek cookies.

The Mr. Spock cookie has a blue Starfleet uniform shirt for his science speciality in Starfleet. His hair is black. Spock has a serious look on his face.

On the Kirk cookie, Captain Kirk is wearing a yellow Starfleet uniform shirt to signify Starfleet Command personnel. His hair is brown. He has a half smile on his face.

The Uhura Cookie has Uhura wearing a red Starfleet uniform dress. She has gold earrings and black hair. 

The Starship Enterprise cookie is gray and blue and orange with black outlines.

The Starfleet comm badge is a blue oval with a gold Starfleet emblem on top. 

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