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Spider-Man… Spider-Man… Does Whatever A Birthday Cake Can

Spider-Man Birthday Cake

Priscilla Romans, from Cakes by Priscilla, recently sent me pictures of a few of her pop culture cakes on Twitter.  Since I’m a fan of Spider-Man, this is one of my favorite made by her.  Spider-Man was hand sculpted.  Spider-Man’s costume was made with icing.  The only fondant on the cake is the Spider. 

The cake features the bust of Spider-Man.  All of his costume is red.  The part of the mask which covers Spidey’s are white because Peter Parker has to be able to see through them.  There is also a white spider emblem on his chest.  The whole costume is covered in a black webbing design.

The cake board is black. The birthday wish is written in white with a spider web on one side.  I really like the way it is written because it looks like Spider-Man’s webbing.

One thing I really like about this cake is that the cake and cake board only use three colors – Red, Black, and White.  Because of this, the white really pops out and draws your eyes to the writing done with Spider-Man’s webbing.  The black cake board blends in with the black on the cake making the white even more noticeable.  This cake is classic Spider-Man.

And speaking of classic Spider-Man…

A good friend of mine recently did a project involving a classic Spider-Man comic book that I thought was absolutely fantastic and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Spider-Man has appeared in thousands of comic books.  While most are enjoyable, few are true classics.  When you list the classic Spider-Man stories – Spider-Man being unmask by the Green Goblin makes that list.  Here is the cover of that amazing issue.


Amazing Spider-Man 39


Mark Ginocchio, probably the world’s leading expert on Spider-Man, ranks this cover as his 2nd favorite Amazing Spider-Man cover of all time.  Mark also ranks this as the 3rd greatest Spider-Man / Green Goblin battle of all time.

A good friend of mine LaMonte from Fantastiverse makes some of the coolest comic book related videos around and recently made this terrific video about this Silver-Age Classic.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.