Marvelous Disney Cars 3rd Birthday Cake

Disney Cars Cake

This Marvelous Disney Cars 3rd Birthday Cake was made by Isbilya Cakes. At the top of the cake is a golden racing trophy with the number 3 on the front for the birthday age. The stand for the trophy is brown.  Lightning McQueen is beside the trophy.  He is red with yellow and black trim.

The top layer of this multi-tiered cake is black and white blocks like a checkered racing flag. The birthday name is in a Cars logo style on the front of the cake. The background is red. The trim is gray and the birthday name is in gray letters. There is a red ribbon border at the bottom of this cake layer. There a brown rocks of varying sizes beside the red ribbon.

The bottom layer of the cake is blue. Light brown trim at the bottom represents hills. There is a light brown ribbon border around the bottom of the cake layer.  There are small piles of brown stones around the cake. The cake board is light brown to represent dirt. This layer reminds me of the scenery around Radiator Springs.


Disney Cars Cake

Here’s a close-up of the Cars emblem with birthday the name.

Lightning McQueen Cake

Here’s a top view of cake. The checked black and white pattern of the top layer gets smaller toward the center of the cake layer. The top of Lightning McQueen is visible and the wood grain of the Racing Trophy base can easily be seen.

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