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Cool Jungle Book 3rd Birthday Cake

Disney Jungle Book Cake 4

This Marvelous Jungle Book Cakemade by Sonata Torte. Mowgli, Baloo, and Kaa. Mowgli is sitting on top of a mushroom with a red top and light brown spots and light brown stem. He is grinning while looking at Baloo.  Baloo is smiling and has one hand up in the air. He is sitting on a rock. In front of the rock are tiny white flowers. They look like they are enjoying the Bare Necessities of Life. There is green grass all around them. Large green leaves and small white flowers are behind Mowgli. A pink flower is beside Baloo and a large green leaf is behind Baloo. 

In front of the cake is a large tree with a brown trunk and lots of green leaves and large branches. A wooden sign with the yellow number ‘3’ is hanging off of one of the limbs to represent the birthday age. Kaa the snake is coiled up in front of the cake on the side opposite the large tree. Aka is light purple on the underside and has purple and yellow stripes on the top side.  He has large yellow eyes with small black pupils. Green grass and plants of multiple shades of green and tiny white flowers are on the cake board near the tree and Kaa.

Disney Jungle Book Cake

Close-up of Kaa the snake

Jungle Book Cake