These Amazing Good Friday Cookies Tell The Easter Story

Good Friday Cookies

For Easter Weekend, I’m going to be featuring amazing creations from The Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration, a collaboration featuring Easter coloring book themed cakes and cookies by designers from all over the world.  The Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration can be found on the web and on Facebook.  This collaboration has some of the prettiest Easter Themed Cakes I’ve ever seen. 

JT Cakes made these amazing Good Friday cookies. Jonathan is famous for cakes which defy gravity.  I think this is the first time I’ve seen him make cookies.  I love the design that Jonathan used!  The cookies, which show various scenes with Jesus and the cross, are done in a few different artistic styles.  There are other cookies that look like a paint brush and crayons.  The board that the cookies are on look like an artist’s pallet.  A cake artist expressing Good Friday and Easter through the eyes of an artist make perfect sense, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cake or cookie like this before. 

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