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Exit Stage Left With This Snagglepuss Cake

Snagglepuss Cake
Snagglepuss Cake

Heavens to Murgatroyd that’s one great Snagglepuss Cake.  This cool cake was made by Stacked Cakes.  Snagglepuss looks perfect.  He is wearing his usual outfit of a white upturned collar, white shirt cuffs, and a black string tie.  The detail on the face is terrific, he even has whiskers.  I really like how Snagglepuss he looks like he is getting ready to exit stage left.


Close-up of Snagglepuss Cake

Here is a close-up of Snagglepuss’ face.  The detail is wonderful.


Lamb Chopped Title Card

Heavens to Betsy! While researching this post, I found out something I didn’t know about Snagglepuss.  Snagglepuss didn’t start off as the actor we all know and love.  He actual started off as a sheep stealing mountain lion in the Quick Draw McGraw cartoon “Lamb Chopped”. 


Snagglepuss' 1st Appearance

He was orange, not pink.


Snagglepuss' 1st Appearance

Yowp, the best site I’ve found about early Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, has a terrific article about Lamb Chopped.

Snagglepuss would appear in multiple Quick Draw McGraw cartoons.  In some he was called Snaggletooth.  He also appeared with Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy and Snooper and Blabber.


Snagglepuss Model Sheet

Last week, I created a cake featuring Touché Turtle.  One of the things I used for reference was a color model sheet of Touché Turtle made by Bob Singer.  So, I was happy when I found this color model sheet of Snagglepuss that was also made by Bob Singer.


Snagglepuss Model Sheet

The color model sheet appears to be based on this model sheet which I assume is also by Bob Singer.


Snagglepuss storyboard

I also found a bunch of Snagglepuss storyboards online.  These awesome story boards are for sale by Gremlin Fine Arts Gallery.